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If synchronization is your thing

Feb 9, 2018

I know I like to talk about how amazing automated blinds and shades are... but that's because they are. Some people may see them as a luxury but others see them as an essential to make their life easier.

There are many reasons to automate your blinds, it could be you run a large facility, where opening and closing a lot of blinds and shades is VERY time consuming, where as with our systems this task could be as easy as pressing a button.Others may not have the mobility to reach up and adjust their blinds, but having that control on a phone or tablet could make someones life much less stressful. And of course there is the luxury factor, you may just want to add a perfect finishing touch to your newly decorated house, or make your board room the talk of the town.

What ever your reason for choosing an automation, we have a variety of systems to suit needs needs, tastes and styles, one of which you can see below. The Luxaflex silhouette PowerView® Motorisation system is amazingly responsive, smooth and quite. And the synchronization between the blinds is flawless!

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