Cascade - Next Generation Shade Systems™

Covering the best dressed Scottish windows since 1987

We love satisfying our customers desires by helping them achieve the most visually striking and functional window covering solutions our industry has to offer. We achieve this by having a great eye for detail and only using the latest and most technically advanced and reliable shade systems to meet our individual clients needs, we create beautifully stylish light filtering and blocking effects that transform your home into a sanctuary from the outside world, ensuring only the most affordable and desirable results.

Your home is a reflection of you

We are proud to have helped tens of thousands of customers achieve the results they not only desire but demand by helping to add the finishing touches to the most important place on the planet, your home.

In the beginning

Cascade was originally established in the Highland Capital Inverness over 30 years ago, over that time the Cascade brand has become synonymous with innovating high quality products while offering our clients outstanding value for money. Since its original conception in early 1987, Cascade has become one of the most widely known and respected window covering brands in the North of Scotland, manufacturing and supplying the very best our industry has to offer.

Pioneering, next generation shade systems™

In our our industry if you don’t move with the times, you'll get left behind. As sure as day we have extensive plans to not only maintain our current position but become Scotland’s No1 name in window coverings whilst embracing the next generation of products currently sweeping our industry. So we decided it was time for a complete refreshing re-brand and relocation program so we could meet our new expansion challenges head on and maintain our market position. This included a three part strategy, One - Develop new partners and build strong relationships within the newly emerging Smart Home industry, Two - Offer our clients products that they can't find anywhere else locally, and finally display the largest range of products in the north in one new centrally located head office showroom. Well we are proud to say we have now completed all three with our new Luxaflex dealership showroom now open in Elgin Moray, Elgin is an ideal central location giving us access to the Morayshire and Aberdeen-shire markets whilst only a short drive from Inverness. As well a securing a desirable Luxaflex dealership we have also partnered up with Somfy who are emerging as market leaders in the Smart Home Industry.

After completion of phase one of our expansion program, we are now pleased to announce the opening of our latest showroom in our home city of Inverness coming mid to late 2018, shortly followed with a new Aberdeen showroom in 2019.