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Double Motorised Roller Blinds

Apr 5, 2018

We love all the new trends and designs that are being pushed out this year, 2018 is definitely a year with some amazing styles, from designer prints to completely new concepts in how to operate your window dressings.

One of our favourite, and let’s be honest, quite cool things this year are dual motorised blinds, allowing you to truly control your light at the touch of a button. Below you can see one of our demo set ups featuring two roller blinds, one a sheer style and the second a black out, allowing you to open your blinds while maintaining your privacy.

We have lots of exciting new styles to show off in the coming weeks so check back soon, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

A Vision with Contemporary Design

Mar 15, 2018

You can easily liven up your windows with our vision blinds, they come in an array of stunning fabrics which gently filter and soften daylight, allowing you complete control while maintain your view or your privacy, the vision control is in your hands.

We have so many choices of fabrics featuring metallic finishes, sheer fabrics, natural wood woven effects and a selection of fashionable, muted tones to mention a few. We also have a selection of headrail options so that your new vision blinds will complement any interior design scheme, add one of our motorisation system into the mix and you have a perfect combination of sleek, modern, stylish design with and even more modern control system.

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If synchronization is your thing

Feb 9, 2018

I know I like to talk about how amazing automated blinds and shades are... but that's because they are. Some people may see them as a luxury but others see them as an essential to make their life easier.

There are many reasons to automate your blinds, it could be you run a large facility, where opening and closing a lot of blinds and shades is VERY time consuming, where as with our systems this task could be as easy as pressing a button.Others may not have the mobility to reach up and adjust their blinds, but having that control on a phone or tablet could make someones life much less stressful. And of course there is the luxury factor, you may just want to add a perfect finishing touch to your newly decorated house, or make your board room the talk of the town.

What ever your reason for choosing an automation, we have a variety of systems to suit needs needs, tastes and styles, one of which you can see below. The Luxaflex silhouette PowerView® Motorisation system is amazingly responsive, smooth and quite. And the synchronization between the blinds is flawless!

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Alexa show us how these automated blinds work

Jan 15, 2018

We have seen a lot of buzz over our smart blinds demos and thought we should show you how our motorised systems work with Amazon's Alex (Echo). We have our show room set up for people to try out various blinds, curtains and even awnings. Below you can see a short demo of our Alexa controlled systems and if you want more information or to try them out for your self pop into the showroom or visit the website for details.

Automated bathroom shades

Dec 29, 2017

Smart home technology is definitely on the rise, it is becoming more affordable, more reliable, smoother and quieter. Cascade offer a range of solutions when it comes to our motorised shade systems, you can have options to control your window dressings with a dedicated remote control, via an app on your smart phone or tablet and even with voice commands through an Amazon Echo (Alexa) or Google's smart home. There's also another way to control your blinds and shutters and that is with a simple wall switch.

Below is a recent bathroom installation with a half cassette powered by a Somfy motor and operated with a wall mounted Somfy smooth controller.

For more information on our automated systems please drop us a message, give us a call or pop in to the showroom for a hands on (or voice on) demonstration and see how embracing smart home technology can make your life easier.